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"I think your building is amazing." "Heartfelt congratulations on your remarkable achievement."

- Kevin McCloud (February 2020)


Creating this space to set up my machinery in and to exhibit the work I make and to run classes, has been a journey that has been both challenging but also incredibly rewarding.

Kristen & I purchased this property in 2005. Initially, I saw the two existing sheds as an asset, but the large one nearer the road, which for decades had been used to pack apples, quickly became a liability.

I used the pre-existence of this building as a ‘staging point’, to launch the ambitious rebuild whose result stands there today. Not a stick of the original building remains, and although very grand in nature, the new version does mirror some of the layouts of the original building, for instance, the large sliding doors on the Eastern side.

The following images record just a few of the many stages of this very protracted building project, showing just how the old building morphed into the new one.

2016 import dec 041.jpg
2016 import dec 081.jpg
2016 import dec 148.jpg
2016 import dec 165.jpg
2016 import dec 173.jpg
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